Context and Need

When the makers of the Constitution chose to establish a democratic state with equality, justice, liberty and fraternity as core values, it was the start of a huge experiment. Today, we have much to be proud about. The Constitution, with its principles of citizen centrality, human values, rights and duties, rule of law, democracy and accountability has served us well. Its structures and mechanisms have offered a protective backbone which innumerable citizens have used over the last 69 years.

However, we have much to be done. In our times now, we are facing many challenges like corruption, poverty, income inequalities, religious fundamentalism, social exclusion, discrimination, violence and disregard for rule of law. We must work on these challenges by constantly practicing Constitutional principles and using the Constitutional framework to address our problems. This is the call for all citizens: that we play the role of an active, informed and responsible citizenry.

How do we develop such a citizenry? How do we develop attitudes of constitutional democracy especially among the youth in India? Systemic efforts are being made at educational institutions. But with young people accessing increasing content from online media, we need to be able to take relevant and engaging content there.

Citizen Adda is one such platform that enables conversations on the Constitution in our everyday life. This is a partner led platform and is open for both organizations and individuals to join hands to run the mission!

The first initiative that Ctitizen Adda is Mission 70. And there is no better time than the 70th year of our Constitution to launch this initiative.

What is Mission 70?

Mission 70 is a national campaign that will run through 26th Jan 2019 to 26th Jan 2020 – marking the 70th year of the Indian Constitution. The primary target audience is young citizens between ages 15 and 29 years

The objective is to bring to the consciousness of young citizens, the connect of Constitutional values and rights in their everyday lives and provoke reflection and action. The overall message is “Constitution in Our Everyday Life

The campaign is largely online. The online dissemination will be bolstered by on-ground events. Both the online and on-ground dissemination will be fuelled by partner organizations in various parts of the country. The partners are largely youth focused.